Vote March 15, 2022
Hi, my name is

Robert Strickland

and I'm running for North Liberty City Council

About me

I am a North Liberty resident, father, husband, colleague, and proud member of our community.

The ballot says Robert, but my friends and family call me Joey.

I was raised in Texas and graduated from Texas Christian University, followed by the University of Texas at Tyler for my graduate degree. My family has lived in the area since 2014 and we live in the Fox Run neighborhood. I have two sons, Shea (5) and Jamie (2.5), with my wife of 8 years, Allison. I worked at Steindler Orthopedic Clinic from 2014 to 2019 and currently work at Integrated DNA Technologies.  I enjoy spending time with my family here in the area, especially with my two kids –  running around and playing outside. My wife and I love visiting many of North Liberty’s small businesses, and we’re passionate about keeping our dollars local. 

I’ve spent my educational and professional career helping others and will continue that trend while serving on City Council. My experience within the city includes serving on the Board of Adjustment from 2018 to 2019, and the Board of Appeals since 2019. My wife, Allison, recently took over management of the North Liberty City-Wide Garage Sale – one of our favorite annual events!

My community service thus far may not be flashy or well known publicly, but it fits my personality because I’m not a flashy person.  I come in and work hard on the task at hand –  not for personal glory, but just for the fact that I can contribute in a meaningful way to all of those around me even if they never know my name.

What I want to focus on

There are several areas that I believe North Liberty should focus on in the coming years. As your next North Liberty City Council member, I will work to improve our community in many areas, including:

Future Growth

Our population grew 53% in the past decade. I will actively participate and collaborate on the North Liberty Connected to Tomorrow initiative, which will help us define our vision moving forward over the next few decades.


North Liberty should work on creating an inclusive city that is intentional when considering future home developments. I also want to continue to increase the desirability of North Liberty to attract more residents, businesses, and services in a way that makes sense and improves our quality of life. For growth to happen, there should also be growth in local services.


North Liberty is beginning several initiatives to support seniors, low-income households, non-native English speakers, and people of color. Our neighborhood ambassador program is a great step in the right direction. My family really enjoyed the opportunity to meet more of neighbors at our last block party. Everyone in North Liberty should feel welcome.

Fiscal Responsibility

Show intent and responsible use of funds by the city on projects that improve or make possible practical services for the entire community.

Why I Love North Liberty

I want to listen to your questions & concerns.